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Today’s consumer is tech savvy, price conscious and craves “the experience”. Creating a business model for your retail store that pays attention to all of these facts is essential for driving sales. Retailers must offer unique experiences for in-store shoppers that they can’t get when browsing on-line sites.Read More

The trend is here, a modern white tone store environment that brightens and highlights the retail merchandise and not the store display elements. This type of design is a clean, uncluttered approach to help focus customer attention on the product, brand and experience.Read More

Visual Merchandising - def: The art of increasing the sale of products by effectively and sensibly displaying them at the retail outlet.

Visual merchandising is the practice of displaying store products and services to influence the consumer’s buying behavior. The location and display of the products in the store has an important role in motivating the consumers to buy them.

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It is selling season – so you book a booth at a popular craft show, or short-lease a space for a pop-up shop. Now it’s prep time and you need to not only recoup your cost, but you want to attract returning customers to continue sales beyond the event! Here’s a few tips to handle it like a boss!Read More
The interesting trend in retail in the last decade of uncertainties is the embrace of ‘eco-friendly’ design. C all it ‘rustic’, ‘industrial’ or ‘salvage-chic’, these styles have dominated the retail environment for several years. Retail designers are eager to embrace emerging technologies and finishes and combine it with affordable designs to create state-of-the-art interiors. Their work has slowly shifted from a designer-centric focus to a more people-centric one.Read More

Pipeline Racks

In operating a retail store that includes apparel, your garment racks can be some of the best sales helpers in the store.  The right clothing rack and signage accessories can send silent messages to your customers about new merchandise, sizes, sales and promotions.  Knowing what type of racks and accessories to use and when to use them will help your sales associates maximize profits in store. 

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They are everywhere! Some call them sidewalk signs and others call them A-frame and sandwich boards. These cheeky signs perched outside retail stores and eateries offer the opportunity to show off a business personality, brand, and promotion and snag potential patrons as they travel by. A great option for the sidewalk signs are chalkboard A-Frames. This allows for fast changes to the message and being able to communicate to passersby with the latest news or promotion. Giving a great first impression not only is a great customer draw, but having patrons share your message on social media is a great advertising tool for potential customers too!Read More
You’ve heard it called “Temporary Retail”, “Flash Retailing”, “Pop-Up Store”, or “Pop-Up Shop”, it is all one and the same. Pop-Up Shops are becoming more popular and are a regular fixture in today’s retail world. These stores are enhancing the presence of traditional brick-and-mortar and big-box stores, as well as creating a physical local for on-line stores. But what exactly is a shop that pops up?Read More


Opening a new store is a giant juggling act.  If you’re not focused on what you are trying to accomplish, then everything can fall apart fast!  When going through the process of deciding what types of merchandise you will sell, and where you will sell it, don’t forget one of the most important decisions.  The decision about your visual merchandising has a major impact on your sales.


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2/14/2017 1:23 PM By Retail Store Display Adviser Store Planning, Business Owner Tips,
Visuals play an important role in increasing the sales of any retail store. How you present and display your products play an essential role in attracting customers into your store and leading them to buy. A mannequin helps customers to know about the latest trend the store offers. It is a silent salesperson. The more enticing the mannequin is dressed and displayed has a direct effect on pulling the customer into the store.Read More
2/17/2016 11:27 AM By Retail Store Display Adviser mannequin, dress form, Displays, Product Spotlight,
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